Don’t let money stop you! Being the official degree that LEINN is, you can access the scholarships of the Ministry of Education. You can also opt for TeamLabs’ scholarships that are aimed at people with less advantageous economic situations and offer up to a 50% discount on the degree tuition. You can establish what percentage would correspond to you by using our scholarship and grant simulator.

What is your income as a family unit?

Box 435 of the last income tax return*

Box 460 of the last income tax return

Box 595 of the last income tax return

When the financial aid is formally processed, other aspects such as having dependent children in school, being a large family or a single-parent household will be assessed. In any one of the cases mentioned, the financial aid could increase between 5% and 15%.

With this input, the financial aid for LEINN could be around

If you want us to study your specific case, you have to pass the captation process first. Then, we will discuss your exact situation.

Lo sentimos, superas el límite de ingresos para poder aplicar para una ayuda

Lo sentimos, no llegas al mínimo

para poder tramitar una ayuda.



This simulator is a tool that will inform you of the possibility of obtaining a TeamLabs grant for the LEINN degree. The goal of the simulator is to give an indication and the results are not definitive.
It will be up to the Academic Grants Commission to determine the exact amount to be granted, after analysing each of the applications depending on:


  • The number of applications received
  • The specific situation of each family unit
  • The total amount of financial aid available
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