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LEINN is an official, international, 4-year university degree in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation, certified by the Mondragon University and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Our methodology was born in Finland over 25 years ago and is centred around learning by doing in teams, whilst travelling the world.

In LEINN you are put into a team and create your own company from the moment you start. This is where we break down the barriers between the academic world and the real world. During your 4 years in LEINN, you will have to develop real projects, manage real clients and earn real money.

LEINN is a learning-by-doing machine, especially through
making mistakes. At LEINN, not being proactive is penalised and making MISTAKES is encouraged. Surprising, isn’t it?

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If you would like to obtain further information about the LEINN degree, you can download our brochure for a broader overview.

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Get to know the “Entrepreneurship Leadership and Innovation” Degree first-hand through a diverging, face to face Open Day, as well as through our online informative sessions.

If you want to be part of the next generation of the LEINN degree we invite you to sign up for our casting. We will spend a day together, you will meet other young people who are already studying the degree, you will live out the LEINN methodology from the moment you step through our door and you will take with you a unique experience!

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